9th Dan Grand Master James D. Wohlwend has been studying and teaching martial arts for over 40 years and has earned multiple black belts.  He studies and teaches two Korean arts Taekwondo and Hapkido, and one Japanese art Jujutsu under the direction of a panel of Grand Masters.  Grand Master Wohlwend has studied traditional Taekwondo under multiple taekwondo Masters and Grandmasters, if you are looking for a traditional school you have come to the right place.


Grand Master James D. Wohlwend studied Hapkido under the late Grand Master Bong Soo Han  Grand Master Bong Soo Han only awarded 120 black belts during his lifetime. 7th degree black belt Eric Friske now carries on Grandmaster Bong Soo Han's tradition.


Grand Master James D. Wohlwend studied Tang Soo Do under Chuck Norris United Fighting Arts Federation. His instructors included Bob Bower, Dave Parrish, Dick Douglas and Ken Gallagher. Pat Johnson helped Grand Master Wohlwend open his first studio.


Grand Master James D. Wohlwend's first instructor was Grand Master Arn Ufford. He studied Golden Praying Mantis Gung Fu. This is where Grand Master Wohlwend developed a passion for martial arts and will always have it part of his life.

We've decided to keep the studio open in our home.  We have plenty of space in our workout area.  We will have a kids class at 4pm and 5 pm.  We will also be offering private lessons.

2190 Clear Creek Drive
Georgetown, CO. 80444